Guest Interviews

Interview with Alexis Fedor, Founder of Artists in Business

Alexis’ story for how she came to work with artists of all disciplines to create a profitable business online that thrives in any market under any circumstances is so heartfelt, you’ll be compelled to find the deeper purpose behind the work you do and be relentless in bringing your magic to the world. Bring tissues to this one!

Interview with Kelli Folsom, Fine Art Instructor and Founder of Finding Your Artistic Voice

How much of an impact is your story making to create an engaged and ignited community? By uncovering her Minted LOVE Story, Kelli activated a deeper sense of purpose to be a leader to her community of artists, develop a new course, Finding Your Artistic Voice, and bravely lead with love so she could make a much bigger impact in the lives of her students.

Interview with John Burgos, Host of Beyond The Ordinary Show

Having shared hundreds of stories of spiritual teachers on his hit show, John will make you rethink what’s at the heart of your story. In his words, “Your story goes straight to the root of how you choose to create and how that creation becomes a part of your intimate relationship with yourself as manifested through your expression of your own love.” This interview is going to be juicy!

Interview with Marilyn Alauria, Psychic Medium, Teacher & Coach

After an Emmy Award-winning career with MTV and NBC Olympics, Marilyn decided to walk away from it all to live in alignment with her soul and teach others how to do the same. Her story of courageous soul alignment will ignite you to get real about what matters most to you in life and to weave it into a story that gets people to fall in love with you and your business.

Interview with Jeremy Lipkowitz, Mindfulness Expert & Founder of Untangling the Mind

Discover how Jeremy uncovered the real story behind his business that ignited him to bravely trailblaze a new path of leadership in a controversial industry and that led him to 8x his prices and fill his client load in weeks. If you’ve been holding back your story because of fear of not fitting in, Jeremy will inspire you to break past that barrier.

Interview with Ina Coveney, Salary Replacement Expert and Founder of the Trailblazing OUT of Corporate Life podcast

If you’re doing all the things as a dedicated entrepreneur and still aren’t seeing the results you want, come listen to how Ina changed the whole trajectory of her business by uncovering her Minted LOVE Story. She’s now filling up her high-end programs and has big companies coming to her asking to hire her. This lady is on FIRE!

Interview with Laura Belgray, Founder of

As an award-winning copywriter, Laura knows the power of story and has used it to write spots for clients like NBC, Fandango and Bravo. But when it comes to her own story, Laura’s still wondering what it is. If you have many stories to share and don’t know how to translate them into the one story that takes things to the next level, you’re going to find out in this interview.

Interview with Susie Moore, Confidence Coach and Author

If you dream of having your story featured by Oprah (me too!), don’t miss this interview! Susie will reveal how she used her story to become a media sensation, have her insights shared by thought leaders like Arianna Huffington, Paulo Coelho and SPANX Founder, Sara Blakely, and how she’s activating others to develop the confidence to share their stories with the world.