If you are here, it means you are ready to honor the sacredness of change in your life and embrace the new chapter that awaits you.

The Good Goodbye Ritual is a cathartic practice that you can return to whenever you need to lighten your energetic load and release grievances you’ve been carrying for too long. The more you weave this into your life, the more ease and gratitude you’ll receive as you move through the discomfort of letting go.

What you will need for this 6-part experience:

  • Journal
  • Pen
  • Loose pieces of paper
  • Glass mason jar
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Fresh or dried flower petals
  • Water or tea to nourish yourself
  • A meal planned for your break
If you have friend(s) who want to join you on this journey, please encourage them to purchase The Good Goodbye Ritual for themselves using this link here.

And if you are feeling called to move through this experience under the private support and guidance of me, Gladys, you may reach me at gladys@drgladysato.com to inquire about this option.

Now, settle in. Make yourself comfortable. And let’s begin…


Setting the Container


Next, complete this exercise in your journal to get clear on the one relationship you want to release and your intention for creating this ritual around it:

  1. Envision the one situation, person, dream, or belief you want to say a Good Goodbye to today. What 3 emotions currently describe how you feel about the relationship?
  2. What 3 emotions describe how you’d like to feel saying goodbye to the relationship?
  3. Write one sentence or phrase that defines what Good Goodbye means to you using the 3 emotions that describe how you’d like to feel in saying goodbye in this relationship.




First, listen to why Acceptance is the first step and discover what’s kept you from acceptance until now:

Next, complete this exercise in your journal to get clarity on what you’re ready to accept about the relationship you’re parting ways with:

  1. What changed in your relationship? How are things different now as a result of that change?
  2. At this point in time, what can you Accept about what’s changed?
  3. If you were to Accept what’s changed, what if anything do you fear would happen?




First, let’s deepen your Understanding of your existing experience and determine your desired outcome:

Next, record yourself on your phone, talking about your story of change. Set aside at least 15 minutes to complete this and respond honestly to each question:

  1. How have your existing feelings about goodbyes influenced how you currently feel about the relationship you want to part ways with?
  2. What’s gotten in the way of you moving forward?
  3. How do you want to come out of this experience on the other side to experience a Good Goodbye to this relationship?

Now, listen back to your recording and pay attention to how you feel. What new insights or thoughts emerged? What, if any, emotional shifts do you already feel? Notice your thoughts, how you feel in your body, and your energy. 




First, listen to how you can cultivate appreciation for your experience and how it can be positively worked into your life:

Next, take yourself on a Gratitude Walk as described in the recording above. Set your intention for this exercise by journaling the following beforehand:

  1. At the end of your Gratitude Walk, how do you want to feel about yourself, the other person (if applicable), and the situation you’re saying goodbye to?
  2. What opportunities are possible as a result of this relationship ending, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise?
  3. What are you looking forward to as you step into a new chapter?

Once you’ve returned from your Gratitude Walk, write your reflections in your journal:

  1. What came up for you as you went on the Gratitude Walk? How did you feel throughout it?
  2. Write down anything you feel grateful for about yourself, the other person and/or the situation you’re parting ways with. Even if it’s something like, “I’m grateful for trying to be grateful for this loss,” start small and slowly work your way up to identifying more that you’re grateful for in releasing your attachment to this relationship.




First, we’ll focus on letting go of any resentment, need for retribution, or self-blame that’s keeping you stuck:

Next, get out a loose piece of paper to write a Forgiveness Letter:

  1. Be gentle with yourself through this process and try to set realistic expectations for what you can forgive and are ready to let go of.
  2. Here are some prompts that might help you specify what you want to forgive and release — thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that have held you back from closure: 
  • What are you personally willing to let go of so that you can better renew yourself throughout this transition?
  • What grievances do you still need to express that you didn’t include in the Fault Tree?
  • What would a Good Goodbye feel like to you?
  1. Here is an example of how you might structure your letter, but feel free to write in whatever way feels most honest to your process.
I, (insert your name), forgive you, (insert other person’s name) for (list the offense). To release us both of any ties to this situation and allow my forgiveness to be complete, here’s what I need to say: (share anything that is important for you to say to release feelings of resentment or need for retribution).

Take a break to reflect on your experience so far. This would be a good time to nourish yourself with a meal.

When you’ve returned from your break, write your reflections in your journal:

  1. What came up for you as you wrote the Forgiveness Letter? How did you feel throughout it?
  2. Review what you wrote in the Fault Tree exercise and write down anything you now feel ready to release through Forgiveness.
  3. What, if anything, do you not feel ready to let go of at this point? What will help you soften into Forgiveness and ease your way to letting go? 


Saying Goodbye


As you move into the last part of this ritual, you’ll learn to integrate Acceptance, Understanding, Gratitude, and Forgiveness into a holistuc experience that will help you carry out your intention of a Good Goodbye.

Your exercise is a Burn Ritual, so please practice safety while you experience this sacred rite of release:

  1. Put your Forgiveness Letter and Fault Tree into a fire-proof jar.
  2. Set your intention for this exercise by journaling the following beforehand:
  • What do you need to say at this point so you can release it and move forward?
  • What are you wholeheartedly ready to say goodbye to?
  • What are you most ready to welcome in as you transition to a new chapter?
  • What one commitment are you willing to make to allow yourself to experience a Good Goodbye?
  1. Go outdoors (if possible) to an area that has access to dirt or soil.
  2. Prepare yourself for the burn by reflecting on everything you’ve experienced through this ritual of release that you’re grateful for.
  3. As you prepare to burn the papers, state your intention for what you want to get out of the burn ritual. Ask for support from your guides and loved ones who are there to support you energetically.
  4. Safely light the two pieces of paper on fire. As they burn, envision yourself releasing your energetic ties to the grief, anger, or anxiety you’ve felt about the relationship. Feel the spaciousness in your body as you see your intention for what you want to get out of this ritual coming to fruition. Fill up on the gratitude you have for committing to this sacred practice of release.
  5. When the papers have burned, put the ashes into the dirt. This symbolizes you giving back to the earth what you’re ready to have transformed into new energy to support your transition to a new chapter.
  6. Lastly, give thanks to yourself, the relationship you’ve released, and your guides and loves ones for this sacred rite of passage. Say a Good Goodbye to the relationship and declare this ritual complete.

Now that you’ve begun a new chapter, the work ahead of you is to integrate the experience you had in a way that continues to uplift you as you go through life. The next time you feel a need to part ways with a relationship and release stagnant energy, you can use this ritual practice to create a new goodbye story for that particular experience. Each time, you’ll discover new insights and receive a fresh chance to heal what you’re ready to let go of. Let The Good Goodbye be a way of living that helps you navigate life’s changes with more ease.